My name is Sharon Scarborough. I Am Queen of the Date Night Cooking Classes, and I am living my passion out loud in the most fantastically delicious way! It is an absolute pleasure for me to serve you! I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My dad was from Trinidad and my mom was from Aruba. Having been born in a family rich in West Indian and Antilles culture, I have been exposed at a very young age to the art of really good food and presentation. I can remember standing in the kitchen at the age of 9 with my mom saying, “stand here and watch me,” as she explained how to prepare the food. By the age of 12 my mom had gone back to work full-time and having leftovers in a West Indian family by my dad’s standard was a big no-no! At that point I took over the responsibility of making dinner for my family. My eclectic taste in food has given way to my drive and passion to prepare excellent cuisine.
I received my BA in Urban Studies/Public Administration from CUNY Queens College, where I also worked as a CUNY Office Assistant to the Dean of Math & Natural Sciences. After I had risen to the challenges of managing the Dean’s office at CUNY Queens College, I received and accepted a job offer from SUNY Empire State College as Assistant to the Dean of the Long Island Center. I moved to Raleigh, NC accepting a position as Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Marketing & Social Media Communication at William Peace University, which lead to my promotion as Coordinator for Campus Life Events.
I have successfully spearheaded numerous projects and events in my career in higher education. Little did I know all these experiences were training ground for me to operate and manage my own business. North Carolina was where Divine Taste Cooking was conceptualized. I was extremely fortunate to be able to execute numerous events successfully. Throughout my life I have been told, “you need to get into the catering business you missed your calling.” Well I’m here to say that I haven’t missed my calling, I just answered at the moment in time where there was perfect alignment with the universe, sun, moon and stars. I am grateful to be able to do what I love to do and help inspire others to feel more comfortable expressing themselves cooking fabulous food. The goals for our cooking classes are simple...teach people tips and tricks of the trade, provide an activity where they are actively participating from beginning to the end of their very own creations, provide and foster a fun, relaxed, cozy environment where they feel comfortable enough to ask questions, make new friends, leave feeling completely satisfied and completely full of food and good cheers. I remain deep in infinite sweet gratitude to have this opportunity and have it received so well. There is something to be said about coming together and breaking bread in a communal manner that seems to inspire an appreciation for the moment. I feel privileged to be a part of that. The Universe is a magnificent beautiful place. As I am fortunate to enjoy the great goodness of abundance with a new day, I look forward to all the brilliance and greatness it brings.